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Foreclosure Appeals

Appellate Court Help from a Massachusetts Foreclosure Defense Attorney

The appellate court - or court of appeals - is a court that hears appeals of a previous trial decision. Appeals can be heard for various decisions made in a trial court concerning all types of law. The primary responsibility of the appellate court is to review a case and determine whether or not the trial court made a serious mistake that could have potentially changed the final outcome of a case.

Winning in appellate court can have its challenges. Because appellate court does not accept frivolous cases - or lawsuits brought to court simply because you did not like the final result - appeals must have substantial evidence. At The Law Office of Glenn F. Russell, Jr. we have extensive trial experience, and some of our most notable case results have been successful hearings in appellate courts!

We are extremely dedicated to helping individuals and families stay in their Massachusetts homes. If you feel as though your initial foreclosure trial yielded an incorrect ruling, you can trust that a Massachusetts foreclosure defense lawyer from The Law Office of Glenn F. Russell, Jr. can review your case and determine the grounds for foreclosure appeal.

Hire an experienced attorney to defend your interests from the outset!

Avoid appellate court or a foreclosure appeal altogether by hiring an experienced attorney from our firm who can represent you aggressively to the full extent of the law from the outset! Founding Attorney Glenn F. Russell, Jr.'s approach to all foreclosure defense cases is to attempt to achieve the best possible result for the client by focusing on his or her best interests. By seeking legal representation that is looking out for your needs from the beginning, you may not even need to take your foreclosure defense case to an appellate court!

Attorney Russell was voted as Massachusetts Lawyer of the Year by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly in 2011. He has also successfully represented several cases before the Massachusetts Supreme Court and the U.S. the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Having a competent understanding of foreclosure laws, drafting a strategic plan, and creating an aggressive defense for the client can help ensure that a good argument will be offered in court.

Contact our firm as soon as possible to enlist the service of a Massachusetts foreclosure defense attorney. Though nothing is ever guaranteed in this area of law, the cutting-edge and aggressive legal representation from our firm could be your greatest asset in a foreclosure defense case. Don't hesitate a moment longer.

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