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  • What Type of Bankruptcy Should I File?

    The average American has over $90,000 in debt from credit cards and medical bills to mortgages and student loans. As the COVID-19 moratorium on some loans expires, many people find themselves in more ...

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  • Bankruptcy: The Basics

    When financial problems become overwhelming, many Americans get a fresh start by filing for bankruptcy . Filing for bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed of and can help you alleviate the stress of ...

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  • NCLC Summary of COVID-19 Bankruptcy Relief Extension Act Signed Into Law By President Biden March 27, 2021

    COVID-19 Bankruptcy Relief Extension Act Signed by President March 27 On March 27, 2021, just hours before the CARES Act bankruptcy provisions were about to sunset, President Biden signed COVID-19 ...

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  • Sharp Drop in New York City Bankruptcies Could Foreshadow Big Jump During Latter Part of 2021

    City Limits Jarett Murphy December 21, 2020 Filings are down by nearly 50 percent this year ...

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  • How COVID-19 Affected Bankruptcy Filings In Massachusetts in 2020

    Here's how the pandemic affected bankruptcies in Middlesex County. Experts warn of a likely surge in coming years. Local Data, Patch Staff Posted Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 3:20 pm E ...

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  • President Biden Signs COVID-19 Bankruptcy Relief Extension Act Into Law

    On Saturday, March 27, 2021, President Joe Biden signed the “COVID-19 Bankruptcy Relief Extension Act” into law to extend provisions providing financially distressed consumers and small businesses ...

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