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  • Merchant Cash Advances In Massachusetts - Predatory Loans That Prey Upon Small Businesses

    Say you are a small business in need of liquidity to finance an expansion, or for the purchase of that desperately needed commercial printer, but do not have a well developed business credit rating, ...

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  • LaRace v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. as Trustee Update

    Wells Fargo Bank filed its Motion for Summary Judgment Against Mark and Tammy LaRace on January 14, 2019, and The Firm just filed its Opposition to this Motion Wells Fargo has tried to remove our ...

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  • Firm Successfully Argues Denial of Further Appellate Review In Starkey v. Deutsche Bank, N.T. Co.

    Today, the Firm was informed that the Petition for Further Appellate Review (FAR) filed by J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. and Deutsche Bank, N.T. Co. in its capacity as a "Trustee" was Denied see ...

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  • Firm Scores Important Ruling From Massachusetts Appeals Court in Starkey v. Deutsche Bank, N.T. Co., et al

    Mr. and Mrs. Starkey enlisted the help of this Firm to defend the attempted foreclosure of their home in January of 2009. The Firm defended the Starkey's position in the Land Court, as well as at the ...

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  • Zullo Redux 1 Year Later- New Appeal Re Motion To Record Assignment Regarding "Registered Land"

    Last July, this Firm received a ruling for Summary Judgment in our client's favor regarding the protracted litigation involving Mr. Zullo's residence in Wayland, see Zullo v. HMC Assets, as Trustee ...

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  • Ibanez Redux - 10 Years Later, Wells Fargo Is Seeking To Take The LaRace Family Home Again on July 03, 2018

    July 03, 2018 Update: Unfortunately, our Motion to enjoin the auction was not successful, and the auction took place. However, this may be a Pyrrhic victory for Wells Fargo, as we still have a ...

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