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  • COVID-19 And Your Mortgage Loan

    First, we sincerely hope that those reading this are safe and healthy, and for those who are not, we hope that you have a speedy recovery. We also want to relay our condolences to any family member, ...

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  • Nims v. Bank of New York Mellon - Oral Argument Obsolete Mortgage Statute

    We previously made a blog post on this case on October 27, 2019 On December 03, 2019, the Massachusetts Appeals Court held oral argument on Nims v. Bank of New York Mellon as Trustee, et. al, Ca. No. ...

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  • Firm Successfully Argues Denial of Motion For Judgment on The Pleadings In Starkey v. Deutsche Bank, N.T. Co.

    Indeed, we wrote a blog post on the Firm's decade long defense of the Starkey residence this past January 2019 Firm Successfully Argues Denial of Further Appellate Review In Starkey v. Deutsche Bank, ...

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  • How Can Small Businesses Resolve Their Debt?

    As a small business owner, you may have begun your career envisioning a future of passive income, exponential growth, and a lasting legacy. If, however, you have found yourself struggling to pay your ...

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  • Why Small Business Owners Should Think Twice Before Getting a Merchant Cash Advance

    Small business owners who need quick access to cash need to be wary of offers for merchant cash advance s (MCAs). With an MCA, the provider gives the business owner a cash advance that is based on the ...

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  • Firm Overturns Foreclosure Auction In Eviction Summary Process Defense

    In Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Maria Camara, et al. Ca. No. 17-SP-03379 (SE Housing Court June 2019), the Firm mounted a successful defense of a threatened eviction action, where the Firm Opposed a ...

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