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  • Zullo Redux 1 Year Later- New Appeal Re Motion To Record Assignment Regarding "Registered Land"

    Last July, this Firm received a ruling for Summary Judgment in our client's favor regarding the protracted litigation involving Mr. Zullo's residence in Wayland, see Zullo v. HMC Assets, as Trustee ...

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  • Ibanez Redux - 10 Years Later, Wells Fargo Is Seeking To Take The LaRace Family Home Again on July 03, 2018

    July 03, 2018 Update: Unfortunately, our Motion to enjoin the auction was not successful, and the auction took place. However, this may be a Pyrrhic victory for Wells Fargo, as we still have a ...

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  • Firm Successfully Argues That Two Rulings From The U.S. Court of Appeals For The First Circuit Be Vacated Due To A Conflict of One of The Judges On The Panel

    July 06, 2018 Update - U.S. Court of Appeals Issues Notice in Both cases stating that despite being ordered for "re-hearing", neither matter will be allowed oral argument, see the Hayden notice here ...

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  • Firm Files Motion To U.S. Court of Appeals For The First Circuit To Certify Questions of Law Regarding MERS To The SJC

    The Firm has a matter on appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals For The First Circuit, Baldinelli v. U.S. Bank Trust, N.A ., Ca. 17-1591 [pending]whereby the trial court Judge [Hon. Young, J.], ...

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  • Firm Successfully Argues Foreclosure Barred by Lost Note, In Zullo v. HMC Assets, 16 MISC 000413

    After a four and one-half year battle, on July 06, 2017, the Firm successfully achieved a ruling from the Land Court that the foreclosing entity HMC Assets, as Trustee for The CAM III Trust, failed to ...

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