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Credit Restoration

Massachusetts Bankruptcy Attorney Helping You Improve Your Credit

After getting your debt under control through the bankruptcy process, the next natural step toward financial recovery is rebuilding your credit. When individuals have low credit scores, they can face various financial roadblocks, such as difficulty buying a home, renting a home, purchasing a vehicle or qualifying for general loans.

At The Law Office of Glenn F. Russell, Jr. our Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney not only knows how to effectively undergo the bankruptcy process, but also knows how to help clients build more stable futures following bankruptcy. If you need help with credit restoration, you can turn to our firm for strong legal counsel.

Attorney Russell has been recognized by a number of prestigious organizations with the following awards:

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Improving Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Many people worry about filing for bankruptcy because this form of debt relief remains on their credit histories (and potentially affects their credit scores) for a certain number of years. As a result, they may end up avoiding the bankruptcy option altogether and instead continuing with their downward debt spiral, which can be even more damaging. While it is true that bankruptcies will reflect on people's credit reports, the effects are not permanent. There are steps that individuals can take to improve their credit in the meantime.

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We can help our clients ensure that the right information is being included in their credit reports, and we can also help them devise strategies for maintaining good standing on current and future debt.

It is important that you act immediately to start rebuilding your credit. The more attentive you are in this area, the better chances you will have of speeding up your credit restoration. Take action now - contact our firm for dedicated legal support!

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