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Why hire a foreclosure defense attorney?

Reasons to Hire The Law Office of Glenn F. Russell, Jr.

If you are facing foreclosure, you may be struggling with one of the most frightening moments of your life. The possibility of losing your home to foreclosure could bring on paralyzing fear as a result of uncertainty. You need to mount a strong defense against foreclosure and if your require representation to prevent a foreclosure on your home, hiring an experienced foreclosure defense attorney may be the best decision you make after receiving a foreclosure notice.

The attorneys at our firm will not give up in the face of resistance, even if it means zealously advocating your rights in litigation and advancing your case against much larger law firms. At The Law Office of Glenn F. Russell, Jr. we do not shy away from competition. In fact, we thrive on large law firm opposition, and we are eager to take on and challenge foreclosing entities claiming to possess the current right to separate you and your family from your residential abode.

We can be trusted to zealously advocate your case and aggressively advance your rights, especially where you need representation for wrongful foreclosure claims or for foreclosure appeals. We are one of the very few law firms in America, to have successfully taken on the largest of the large law firms in foreclosure matters on the highest stage.

Some of our successful appeals before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court include:

  • appeal against K&L Gates, U.S. Bank v. Ibanez Nat'l Assn.v, Ibanez, 458 Mass 637 (2011)
  • appeal against Morgan Lewis, Galiastro v. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., 467 Mass. 160 (2014)
  • an appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for The First Circuit against Eckert Seamans in Juarez v. Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc., 708 F.3d 269 (1st Cir 2013)

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer with Unique Court Experience

Attorney Glenn F. Russell, Jr. has had successful, extensive, and unique court experience representing foreclosure defense clients before the Massachusetts Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals. Unlike attorneys who merely say that they "litigate" foreclosure defense cases, attorney Russell has actively represented many foreclosure defense clients before the Massachusetts state and federal courts.

We are one of the very few law firms that have the unbridled confidence to argue appeals of adverse foreclosure rulings. This has given attorney Russell a truly unique perspective among foreclosure defense attorneys regarding the Massachusetts law related to foreclosure and the foreclosure defense process, and as a result we can be trusted to zealously represent the firm's clients to the fullest extent of the law.

Experienced Foreclosure Defense

The clients and cases he has represented have become landmark rulings in foreclosure defense. In representing Melissa Juarez, in Juarez v. Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. (11-2431), the firm established this case as the first successful federal appellate ruling for a homeowner before the U.S. Court of Appeals for The First Circuit.

The same problem was addressed in the firm's earlier successful appellate result in the national precedent setting ruling of U.S. Bank National Association v. Ibanez. Attorney Russell also successfully defended Jodi B. Matt in a foreclosure matter before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in the HSBC Bank v. Jodi B. Matt case (2013).

Don't fight on your own! Contact our firm for assistance.

Do not try to take on defense of foreclosure on your own. The financial institutions, mortgage servicers, and their attorneys will not make the foreclosure process easy for you. Life - and the bills and debts that come with it - will continue to move forward while you additionally try to juggle the stresses your legal matters.

Do not place unnecessary strain on your life by trying to navigate the courts with your own power. Foreclosure can be a scary process, but with the right legal representation, the process could be much smoother.

Contact The Law Office of Glenn F. Russell, Jr. to enlist the services of a Massachusetts foreclosure defense lawyer. With court experience and an eagerness and passion to help you through your foreclosure legal issues, you can trust that a lawyer from our firm will be right be your side every step of the way.

Reasons Why People Hire Attorney Glenn Russell:

  • Extensive Knowledge

  • Unique Experience

  • Aggressive Approach

  • Unparalleled Results